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2023-01-31 Author: Poly News
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"I suppose I may go," she said, "if that's all you have got to say?""Oh, miss, it's that poor dear young lady."

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"I won't eat any dinner in this horrid room," she said; "I think I have been treated shamefully. If my dinner is sent to me I won't eat it.""It is more than a pity, Bridget," said her governess in a severe tone. "I am sorry to have to open your eyes, my dear child; but in picking any of my roses you have taken an unwarrantable liberty."

"Oh, I declare, the little dear is huffed about something! Well, then, I'll tell. I'll be fifteen in exactly a month from now! What do you say to that? I'm well grown, am I not, Janet?"Janet sprang from her seat with apparent alacrity.

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Bridget uttered a faint sigh.

"Patience," said Mrs. Freeman, from her end of the supper table, "I think we have all finished. Will you say grace?"

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Janet was there, busily preparing her French lesson for M. le Comte. She was a very ambitious girl, and was determined to carry off as many prizes as possible at the coming midsummer examinations. She scarcely raised her eyes when Olive appeared."Yes; does not a mistress always command her pupils?"