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2023-01-29 Author: Poly News
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"Thanks!" said Janet calmly.

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"No, not very. The younger girls were fond of me, and Dorothy Collingwood was nice."

The Fair was the great event to which the girls looked forward, and in the first excitement of such an unusual proceeding each of them worked with a will."The dogs?" asked Dorothy, interested in spite of herself.

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"Can't you, Bridget? I'm afraid I must make you understand that the fact of Evelyn being uninjured does not alter your conduct."

Bridget, her hat hanging on her arm, defiance very marked on her brow, came suddenly into view. She was alone, and Mrs. Freeman noticed that Janet and her two companions stopped to look at her as if they rather enjoyed the spectacle. They paused for a moment, stared rudely, then turned their backs on Miss O'Hara.

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"I don't believe you'll ever drive her," said Miss Delicia. "I know that sort of character. It's only hardened when it's driven."

The next morning, after breakfast, Mrs. Freeman went upstairs to sit with her favorite rummy earning app