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2022-07-05 Author: Poly News
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"And we are not allowed to go out of the grounds by ourselves," cried several other voices."I believe I am more frightened than hurt," said Miss Percival, struggling to sit up, and smiling at Mrs. Freeman, "I'm so awfully sorry that I've lost my[Pg 51] nerve. Where am I? what has happened? I only remember Caspar turning right round and looking at me, and some people shouting, and then the carriage went over, and I cannot recall anything more. But I don't think—no—I am sure I am not seriously hurt."After a little pause, during which neither mistress nor pupil spoke, the pupil raised her head.

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"May I go with the others?" asked Miss O'Hara.

"I've had enough," she said, nodding to Mrs. Freeman in her bright way. "I'm going out into the garden now, to pick some roses.""Hadn't they got leave to come to meet me?"

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Marshall had to be comforted with this rather dubious speech, and Dorothy ran on to join Janet."Will you have some fruit?" she said coldly, laying[Pg 14] a restraining hand as she spoke on the girl's beflowered and embroidered dress.

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"I never knew before that I had an enemy," said Janet, in her guarded voice.

"Now, what shall I eat?" she said. "By the way, I hope there's a nice breakfast, I'm awfully hungry. Oh, eggs! I like eggs when they're very fresh. Mrs. Freeman, are these new laid? do you keep your own fowls? Father and I wouldn't touch eggs at the Castle unless we were quite sure that they were laid by Sally, Sukey, or dear old Heneypeney."gin rummy app

Mrs. Freeman could scarcely restrain her impatience.